Risk Transfer Academy

Become a Super Broker

GotMyCerts Product Suite

Super Brokers gain access to special features built into the GotMyCerts product suite. These features allow a Super Broker to completely manage the risk management programs of their clients. This added service greatly sets a Super Broker apart from the competition, creating new opportunities.

Added Revenue

Agents and brokers seek to improve the profitability of each P&C account, but insurance commissions aren't the only way to do that. Fee based risk-management services not only help differentiate your offering, but also provide added non-comission revenue.

As an example, an agent can charge a $2,500 annual risk management fee to small general contractors. This fee often covers a range of risk management services, including contract review, certificate management and safety programs. The Risk Transfer Academy prepares brokers to provide these services with training programs, sales coaching and marketing support. Leveraging the GotMyCerts product suite, it's easy to provide these services creating additional revenue opportunities. 

GotMyCerts Commissions

Super Brokers earn commissions for the firms that are invited by them and sign up for CotMyCerts products.  For example, if a General Contractor requires their 50 subs to use GotMyCerts and GotMySafety, a Super Broker could earn an extra $50 in commissions per year, above the insurance commission and risk management fees generated by the account. All the Super Broker has to do is invite them in. 

The Big Picture

As an example, sell insurance to two small general contractors per month at about $1,500 in insurance commissions, then add $2,500 in risk management fees for 5 of those contractors over a year, plus GotMyCerts commissions of $1,200, bringing in an extra $49,700 a year in total revenue. As you provide the service, you are automatically connecting with subcontractors who have been invited into the system by your clients, expanding your marketing opportunities. This program provides a significant ROI for agents who want to maximize their income.